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2022 Semiconductor & Chip Market Outlook

Posted January 25, 2022 by Kristin

Global Shortage of Silicon Wafer Chips Fuels Ongoing Growth and High Throughput Demand

The global shortage of silicon wafers continues to plague companies that rely on semiconductors to manufacture their products. Silicon wafer inventories continue to lag significantly behind demand, fueling the ongoing revenue growth of the market. To this point, industry analysts predict that through 2026 the global silicon chip market will reach nearly $120 billion.

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Advancing Quality Assurance with White Light Interferometry

Posted January 14, 2022 by Kristin

Non-Contact Measurement Supports Growth in Consumer Electronics Market

The demand for touchscreen technology continues to outstrip supply—this is a trend that shows no sign of waning as 2022 gets underway. Recent market statistics published by Counterpoint show that shipments of cell phones in the U.S. market have grown 27% despite shortages in raw materials including silicon chips which are key components for their production.

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Maximize Semiconductor Production With Help from Advanced Interferometry

Posted November 08, 2021 by Kristin

By Dave Compertore, Scientist, Lumetrics®, Inc.

Over the past several years, shortages of semiconductors and the components used to make them, such as raw silicon, have had heavy repercussions for manufacturers of chip-based products in the automotive, high tech, and military market sectors.

The cause of these shortages can be attributed to the trickle-down effect of a silicon wafer shortage which is limiting the production of microprocessor chips—a trend that continues to impact semiconductor manufacturers.

To meet the increasing demand for semiconductors under the current constraints of decreased supply of silicon, which is used to produce wafers—an integral product component—semiconductor manufacturers must be strategic in their approach to fabrication.

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Lumetrics' Latest Patent

Posted July 12, 2018 by Kristin

On June 26th, 2018, Lumetrics was awarded a new patent for “Associated Interferometers Using Multi-Fiber Delay Lines.” An interferometer apparatus which include two or more coupled fiber optic Michelson interferometers using fiber optic stretches which stretch two or more optical fibers wound around the perimeter of the optical fiber stretchers by the same amount is disclosed. Preferably a pair of reference and sample fiber optic stretches are utilized which run in a push-pull mode of operation. When one of the interferometers is a coherent light interferometer it can be used as a reference distance scale for all of the remaining low coherence light interferometer. A method for measuring a physical property of a device under test is also disclosed using the apparatus of the present invention. This patent allows the user to measure optical thickness at multiple locations on a sample or in a manufacturing line simultaneously with a single measuring instrument without the need of an optical switch. This enables faster measurement and continuous measurement capability 100% of the time.

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Thickness Measurement of Opaque Materials Using Interferometry

Posted August 17, 2017 by Kristin

Abstract— Lumetrics has developed a fixture that expands precision measurement capabilities of the commercialized low-coherence interferometer, OptiGauge II, to materials that are not translucent to its measurement beam light of 1310nm. The fixture contains two probes oriented towards each other and an optical reference surface. The effects of the temperature on the measurement accuracy are eliminated via a calibration procedure conducted before the measurement.

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Real-time Group Refractive Index Measurement Of Fluids Using Interferometry

Posted June 21, 2017 by Kristin

Abstract — Maintaining proper chemical composition of fluids is an important control parameter for a variety of different production processes. This is especially critical in the medical device manufacturing to maintain high quality standards. One method to monitor fluid composition is to measure its refractive index.

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Automated Dimensional Measurement of Microfluidic Flow Cells

Posted May 31, 2017 by Kristin

Abstract—Lumetrics, Inc. (Rochester, NY) has made inspection of internal dimensions of microfluidic flow cells possible with low-coherence white light interferometry. The OptiGauge II can measure internal channel heights down to 12 microns with 100 nanometer precision quickly and non-destructively. Machine vision-aided inspection stations can quantify other critical dimensions of entire production runs, ensuring higher product quality and that the performance specifications are met.

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