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Online Tubing Thickness Measurement

Posted February 15, 2016 by Kristin

Online tubing measurement systemLumetrics is the leader in online tubing thickness measurement systems for the ophthalmic, glass, and medical device market.  Our engineering team has developed a new fixture that eliminates the problems of line sensitivity that give all online systems trouble.  The new fixturing provides for easy loading and accommodates line changeovers to different size tubing. Water is the enemy of all hydrophilic tubing production, and the OptiGauge provides the crucial inner diameter, outter diameter, and wall thickness readings that customers require.

The total online tubing solution uses the OptiGauge II interferometer in conjunction with the newly designed tubing fixture.  The OptiGauge II is designed in a way that all software can run on the customer’s existing processor.  This makes integration into their current production line systems and processes seamless.  The fixturing has easy-to-use lever action controls that position the probes and stabilizing rollers properly for any size tubing.

Lumetrics has been selling the OptiGauge II for over a year, and the market reception has been tremendous.  The new online tubing fixture is being fine-tuned based on initial trials, and will be available in April for full deployments.  Call us at 585.214.2455 or email to discuss how our new tubing solution can help solve your existing production problems.

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