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Data Relay Application by Clark Cianfarini

Posted October 04, 2016 by Kristin

How Lumetrics developed the Data Relay application to meet the needs of a customer who needed to use a non-windows based system.

Lumetrics Data Relay SoftwareSoftware is often a crucial, yet overlooked component to any industrial equipment. At Lumetrics, we pride ourselves on creating quality software that is both robust and intuitive to use. During the early years at Lumetrics, all of our customers needed Microsoft Windows based software. We focused all our resources on that software and quickly became entrenched in Microsoft products. This worked very well for us, as it gave us a single platform that was easy to use by our customers and easy to manage by their IT groups.

A few years ago, we were approached by one customer that needed to use a non-Windows based system. A customer had never made a request like this before, so there were no Lumetrics products available to meet this need. To redevelop all of the existing Lumetrics software for different operating systems would have been time and cost prohibitive. Instead of turning away the customer, several Lumetrics engineers were able to think of a solution that would not take a lot of development time.

The solution was an ASCII-based protocol over a TCP/IP socket connection. In simple terms, it was a series of text commands to control the OptiGauge core unit and receive data. The talented developers at Lumetrics were able to quickly develop all of the commands and structure for a system that is extremely easy to use by the customer.

At the end of the project, the customer was able to get a fully working solution on-time and on-budget. They were very happy with the system and have purchased more OptiGauges since.

The product was the Data Relay. Since the initial request Lumetrics has continued to develop and enhance this software package and is now better positioned in the market to offer solutions to all customers.

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