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Measurement of Bioresorbable Stents

Posted December 15, 2015 by Kristin

bioresorbable stentsMetal stents have been available since 1988.  Through the 1990’s, stents went through numerous iterations, incorporating different metals and coatings.  As the medical products industry moved through the 2000’s, the use of bioresorbable stents became the newest innovation.  And, it is a tremendous innovation.

Through the use of bioresorbable stents, physicians are able to reduce or eliminate anti-platelet drugs, maintain the flexibility of the blood vessel, and lessen risks and complications of future surgical events.  Absorption of the stent into the body within a one to two year period provides tremendous advantages to the patient and physician.

Lumetrics® has been working with medical device customers since 2004 on non-contact tools to non-destructively test and measure bioresorbable stents in all stages of development and manufacture to ensure proper functionality.  Lumetrics uses a high power LED to make measurements within our custom designed, precision optical interferometer.  The OptiGauge® is the ideal tool to measure all critical parameters in bioresorbable scaffolds.

OptiGauge measurements are:

  • Objective – NIST traceable
  • Accurate – 0.01 microns
  • Rapid – up to 200 samples per second
  • Non-contact and non-destructive
  • Cost saving and risk reducing

The OptiGauge thickness measurement system provides measurements of Inside Diameter, Outside Diameter, wall thickness, ovality, and concentricity of any tube material.  All measurements can be provided online, at-line, or off-line.  Lumetrics designs custom fixturing for any application with its team of seasoned hardware and software engineers.  Contact Lumetrics to find out more about our non-destructive bioresorbable scaffold measurement solutions.

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