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What is Optical Interferometry? Why is it the best measurement method for some materials?

Posted July 28, 2010 by Kristin

What is Optical Interferometry?

The principle of interferometry is the interaction of reflected light from materials with slightly different Indices of Refraction. The diagram attached explains it quite well.  For more information on Lumetrics' technology.

Measurement Diagram

Why is Optical Interferometry the best type of thickness measurement for some materials?

Optical Interferometry is a reliable form of thickness measurement.  It is the best form of thickness measurement for otherwise hard to measure materials.  Medical products can pose a challenge to many inspection systems. The medical products that are especially tricky to measure are those products composed of soft material or variable in shape and size.

In order to accurately measure for example, a medical balloon, you would need to know the wall thickness, concentricity, and ovality to gauge if the critical operation of the balloon is hindered by defects in the product.  A medical balloon that is not properly inspected can pose a risk- a very costly risk when being used in humans.   As far as industrial applications go, it's necessary to measure glass, food packaging, adhesives, and electronic components.  Think of the vacuum-sealed Chicken you can get at Wegmans.  Would you want to eat Chicken that had a defect in the packaging?  Would it even be safe to eat?  Our technology allows for the accurate real-time measurement of these products to ensure safety in the world around us.  Our technology can also be integrated into the manufacturing process to cut costs.  Another material that needs to be inspected (and can be inspected very well using our technology) is a contact lense.  These can be measured to ensure the fit and comfort that the customer demands.  Without this type of measurement, nobody would really know if these products were otherwise safe or fit for use.  We've found that the principal of Optical Interferometry allows us to provide superior measurement solutions to our customers and any consumer that comes into contact with that product.  What have you found to be a reliable form of thickness measurement for your product?  What challenges do you meet when trying to inspect your product for safety and quality?

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Lumetrics creates new non-contact thickness measurement system to reduce cost, improve quality.

Posted July 10, 2010 by Kristin

Lumetrics creates new customized non-contact thickness measurement system to reduce cost, improve quality.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 24, 2010 — Lumetrics, Inc., the leading manufacturer of non-contact thickness measurement technology, announces the latest addition to their product line: the Online Rotational Scanning System (ORSS).  This brand new customized thickness measurement system is an accessory to the OptiGauge®, also invented by Lumetrics, which implements their patented optical interferometer-based technology. The Online Rotational Scanning System will help customers experience a significant reduction in waste, a smoother manufacturing process, a better end product, and a dramatic increase in their profit margins. The company is set to begin the first of five installations in the U.S. at one of the world’s leading manufacturers of film for the medical bag industry.

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Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2010 is Finally Here!

Posted June 09, 2010 by Kristin

A little information on what we have been up to:

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