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Lumetrics creates new non-contact thickness measurement system to reduce cost, improve quality.

Posted July 10, 2010 by Kristin

Lumetrics creates new customized non-contact thickness measurement system to reduce cost, improve quality.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 24, 2010 — Lumetrics, Inc., the leading manufacturer of non-contact thickness measurement technology, announces the latest addition to their product line: the Online Rotational Scanning System (ORSS).  This brand new customized thickness measurement system is an accessory to the OptiGauge®, also invented by Lumetrics, which implements their patented optical interferometer-based technology. The Online Rotational Scanning System will help customers experience a significant reduction in waste, a smoother manufacturing process, a better end product, and a dramatic increase in their profit margins. The company is set to begin the first of five installations in the U.S. at one of the world’s leading manufacturers of film for the medical bag industry.


The Online Rotational Scanning System is a cost-effective way to measure blown, single or multi layer film used for products such as IV and blood bags. The online system provides continuous non-contact thickness measurement and dimensional measurement of a product during the production process, enabling a controlled feedback loop, and eliminating the quality control testing step that is usually completed post-production. This allows the product to be packaged and sold right from the line, in turn reducing labor costs. With the data derived from this system, manufacturers can achieve higher quality products, reduce costs and inspection time through a higher yield of good product, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.


The fully automated, non-contact thickness measurement system provides an alternative to the less accurate micrometers and snap gauges that are used post-production.


“With continuous oscillating measurements, our system provides more data than previously available on other systems,” stated Lumetrics Engineer Rylan Summit, who played an integral role in research and development of the Online Rotational Scanning System. “This will enable manufacturers to gain a better understanding of their product and process.”


From this data, customers can determine, with an instantaneous polar graph, exactly where thickness variations are located on their product.


All types of multilayer films, whether coextruded, coated, or laminated, can be measured on this system. Where most technologies can only tell how much coating is applied or resins are used, the Online Rotational Scanning System, with its unique optical measurement approach, can tell how evenly coatings and resins are applied and how consistent the layers are.


Lumetrics provides standard and customized non-contact thickness measurement fixtures for manufacturers’ specific products. Lumetrics Applications Engineers work with customers to determine requirements and then design the correct fixture for the application.


For additional information on this productivity improvement tool, please email Lumetrics' Vice President of Sales, or call 585.214.2455 Ext. 121


About Lumetrics:

Lumetrics has developed, proven, and implemented the OptiGauge a high precision non-contact thickness measurement solution for a wide range of industries and applications. Lumetrics also provides wavefront analysis of Intraocular and contact lenses, The OptiGauge system is scalable to almost any situation ranging from R&D, QA, to production floor. Lumetrics provides the same high-performance systems for wavefront analysis of Intraocular and contact lenses.
Lumetrics® proven innovation in the non-contact metrology sector provides us with mechanical and computer engineering expertise to deliver solutions that work best for each customer. Lumetrics works with industry partners to design, fabricate, and test gauging fixtures and data analysis packages for many applications. These systems are deployed in quality assurance, research & development labs, and production floors providing real-time measurements to improve yield, reduce costs, improve quality and meet compliance requirements.
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