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Custom Precision Probe with Built-In Reference

Posted March 29, 2016 by Kristin

The successful implementation of non-contact thickness measurement and precision measurement solutions for our customers is heavily dependant on our team of hard-working and talented Engineers.  The following application summary is from one of our Opto-Mechanical engineers after working with a customer to design a custom solution for their critical measurement challenges.

non contact thickness measurement, precision measurement, Lumetrics A custom measurement probe that Lumetrics' engineers designed for a customer.

Custom Precision Measurement Probe with Built-In Reference

A customer asked Lumetrics to design a probe to mount to a robotic arm that would move to specific coordinates to take thickness measurements on an assembly line. The probe had to be precise enough to give accurate and repeatable readings at all locations. It was also critical that if a probe was replaced on the robotic arm that no adjustments would need to be made to the robotic arm’s coordinates.

Lumetrics designed a precision probe with a built-in reference, so the user could always measure the exact distance from the probe to the material. The probe had a custom mounting flange integrated onto it to attach to the robotic arm. An offline test fixture was also designed for the user to verify the accuracy of the probe during down time of the robotic arm. The probe and test fixture were delivered in a quick turnaround time to meet the customer’s needs. (Opto-Mechanical Engineer, Jeremy Crouse)

This project was successful as it solved the customer’s measurement needs in order for their operation to:

  • Improve efficiency in their manufacturing process by integrating measurement on their production line.
  • Assure a quality product, thus reducing the likelihood of costly safety recalls or non-compliance issues.
  • Improve tolerances to reduce another costly manufacturing problem of shrink.

All of those improvements allowed our customer to manufacture a great product and maximize profit margins.

Does your manufacturing operation have unique measurement challenges?  Do you want to be sure we can provide the measurements you need?  We provide free sample measurements using your own products and/or materials!  Send us an email at for more information!

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