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Successful applications: Custom automated test system

Posted March 15, 2016 by Kristin

A customer needed a custom automated test system to reduce the inspection time during the setup of their production mold tools. At the time they were using a semi-automated system that would take 10-15 minutes to measure all 10 cavities of the mold tool. Lumetrics was asked to reduce the measurement time to 10 seconds or less with the use of our OptiGauge technology as well as add some addition measurement and functional capabilities.

Lumetrics’ engineering team met this challenge head on and developed an automated test system that met or exceeded all customer expectations. To meet the customer requirements, we developed a custom multiport probe head that allows the OptiGauge to measure the 10 cavities in less than 10 seconds. Our computer engineering team developed custom software and user interface based on operator feedback during development.

The original two systems were installed three years ago and continue to run well. Recently we developed a second generation of these machines adding in features based on feedback from the operators. Some of the features added were a touch screen, increased automation and sensors to streamline the process for the operators. The operators are so happy with the upgrades that while Lumetrics was onsite for the site acceptance test the operators were asking when the first two units would be upgraded. This was followed up by a quote request from management.

With our overwhelming success at this facility, there are now six active systems being used by this customer in their facilities across the globe.

Report by: John Solpietro, Senior Opto-mechanical Engineer

Tags: Lumetrics, Non contact thickness measurement, Opthalmics, OptiGauge, Thickness Measurement